The company M&M Professional Cooking Devices was founded in 1974 by Michael Michailidis and registered as M. Michailidis 1988, after the addition of 2 new members was renamed as M. Michailidis & Co.

The company has the same form of legal entity until today.

Our self-owned establishment of 3500 sqm includes the production line, warehouse, offices and a complete exhibition of our products. M&M engages in the development and production of electric professional catering equipment like Electric water grills, Electric single fryers, Electric twin fryers, Hot plates cook tops, Restaurant equipment, Multi grills, Crepe machines, Deep fryers, Water electric grills, Electric contact grills, Conveyor toasters high speed.

Our extensive experience and expertise in the field as well as our trained personnel along with state of the art equipment has resulted in the production of high quality professional cooking devices. Seeking wholesalers to promote our electrical professional catering equipment